Checklist before launching

  • 4 oars
  • swivels, pins, lanyards
  • anchor, chain and line in boat, tied on and ready to run out freely
  • bailer
  • bung with rubber washer in place and spare bung tied to gunwale
  • spare water
  • painter/towline tied on
  • rudder, lines and rudder pin
  • footrests
  • seat cushions
  • boat hull undamaged
  • boat sitting properly on trolley (keel in notches, cradle in line with boat frame)
  • lifejacket/buoyancy aids for all
  • report any damage or missing items so they can be fixed
  1. Have you put the row in the calendar?
  2. Forecast?
  3. Time of tide?
  4. Does someone know your plans and approximate time of return? (remember to tell them when you get back)
    Have a great row!